What are the different types of accounts that are offered by 500.trade review?

The increasing participation in forex trading is opening the doors for many people to make more money through it. People are investing in online applications which are giving them appropriate results for the same. There are many ways to start your forex trade, but before that, a person needs to buy an account for the same.

Some of the popular accounts are discussed below, which can guide you. You can choose one according to the money in hand. All the accounts will provide you with 24×7 customer care services, and one can use it to solve all your quarries. Have a look at the upcoming paragraphs for all the details.

Account types!

In the upcoming paragraphs, there are different types of accounts offered by the 500.trade review, which can be helpful at beginning of your trade. Jump to the paragraphs to know every detail on the same.

The basic account!

The basic account requires a minimum investment of 250 euros, and after that, a person can access the account. While you pay the amount, you can get access to 500.trade review daily market reviews, price alerts, and pro webinars. This is a perfect account for people who are new to the trade and can make money through it.

The bronze account!

The bronze account allows a person to trade after an investment of 1000 euros. You will get all the benefits which one gets in a basic account. Additionally, a person can get admittance to a junior account manager. If you have a good amount saved, then one must go with the bronze account as it gives value for money.

The silver account!

The minimum deposit amount in the silver account is 5000 euros, and a person gets an additional benefit of a 20% welcome bonus through this. A person can get additional benefits like a senior account manager and education center. You will also get access to all the things which are discussed in the above two accounts. An Intermediate can start by purchasing this account as one can also enjoy some additional amount with the account.

The gold account!

The gold account requires a minimum deposit of 10,000 euros and gives you the additional benefit of a 40% welcome bonus. A person can use the amount in trading, which is a boon for traders. Some additional benefits like gold signals, executive account manager, and one on one drill are provided twice a month.

Moreover, a person can get gold signals, and also a personalized trade strategy is explained to you. All these factors can help a person to achieve more heights.

The platinum account!

The platinum account offered by 500.trade review requires a sum of 25000 euros. Moreover, a person can avail of 60% of welcome bonus which can be used while making trades. People get admittance to the VIP account manager and get training every week. This means four times in a month which can make you a professional in this field. If you are looking to make more money, then you must go with this account.


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