How to Play Pokemon Go?

There are many misconceptions about how to play Pokemon Go. It is not only a game that has players exploring the natural world as a means of capturing and battling virtual monsters; it’s also an app that can be used to find pokemon hiding nearby. If you’re searching for ways to conquer the game, this article is undoubtedly for you.

This article doesn’t just provide strategies for fighting your way through this addicting mobile game, but it’ll also help players decide whether they should even bother playing at all. Pokemon Go is not only a game of strategy, but it’s also one where you’ll have to know what works and doesn’t work based on your unique situation. Then, try to get the pokemon go account for sale to have better experiences with no risks involved.

  1. Encountering Pokemon –

The game is completely dependent on the player’s ability to encounter Pokemon. If you’re in an area without any high-level pokemon, good luck trying to find one. For example, there were times when you were out of your comfort zone trying to find rare Pokemon while walking through a residential neighbourhood in West Los Angeles. The city was primarily full of people carrying the app, so it was not where you wanted to be. Eventually, you will find a rare Pokemon on Cahuenga Blvd., but it doesn’t matter if it’s “rare” or not if you don’t see any Pokémon.

  1. Gyms and Gyms Capturing –

The gyms are essential because they allow players to battle other players’ rare Pokémon. You will get to know about battles in the next section, so this is a good thing to know going into this guide. In addition, it’s probably the best way to earn potions and stardust for leveling up your team. However, once you reach level five, gyms become worthless because they do not allow players to gain experience.

  1. Battling at Gyms –

Speaking of battles, you can’t PvP in this game until players reach level five. Once they do, they get to participate in real-time 1v1 battles that last around ten seconds. There are two rules regarding how to battle, the player who arrives at a gym first has the right to challenge other players, and if a player loses a battle, they will lose control of the gym (and their Pokémon). So, for example, one of your Pokemon gets beaten in a battle, and you lose control of the gym. The same goes for your challenger.

  1. Learn about Eggs –

There are two eggs available in Pokemon Go, 2km eggs and 5km eggs. Eggs can be hatched by walking for eight kilometres. For example, you can hatch a 2km egg by walking for 15 kilometres, and a 5km egg requires you to walk 20 kilometres. It is essential to note that players will not receive experience points or stardust if they hatch an egg.

When you consider all the aspects mentioned, it will help you know the importance of various elements that you should know while playing Pokemon Go. Make sure that you will consider getting the pokemon go account for sale so that you can get all the benefits automatically without having difficulty while playing this game.


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