What Are The Different Types Of Account One Can Encounter In 500Pips Brokerage?

Well, before stepping into anything, you must know what 500pips is. Basically, it is a virtual company that buys and sells goods as well as assets for customers. Another thing is that plenty of companies are now working in the forex (foreign exchange market). The thing is that the forex market is a little bit risky it is so because the fluctuations can be seen in it. However, there are plenty of methods by which you can calculate the pip values according to the comfort.

Moreover, if you are making a deal with a reliable forex broker, then you can get the best services. Also, you do not require doing pips calculations because the forex brokers do it for you. Individuals should know how the forex market works on a different level. Most importantly, one should choose the certified brokerage company for that check out the 500pips review.

Top three trading account types in 500pips brokerage that one must know

The thing is that 500pips are interested in meeting all the needs that the investors have. Also, its other job is to render several kinds of accounts that are specifically for trading. Once you clearly understand the information, you can easily choose which trading account is suitable for you.

  • Common/ Basic

Generally, the minimum deposit of this account is approximately $260. In the same way, the ultimate thing is that one can get a welcome bonus of 20% or maybe 30%. This particular account is mind-blowing without any issues because it is one of the most relevant trading accounts that do not have forex market experience. For the same, what things a trader will get in the basic account? Those things are regular market review plus market analysis, best customer service, financial asset values on a daily basis and many more.

  • Silver

Here comes the silver account, a minimal deposit which one can do is above the standard account that is $2400. And when you join the silver account, you will get an extra perk that is a 60% welcome bonus. There are bountiful advantages of this particular account, and such one can increase their experience and skill that are primary in different trading deals. By silver account, one should obtain a private account manager, educational webinars, tight threads, easy access to customer service, etc.

  • Platinum

What have you known by platinum trading account? It is an account that always displays an enormous level of service and provides excellent features to the customers. The thing is, $2600 is the smallest, or you can say minimum deposit. The welcome bonus you can bring through this same account is 100% without having any problem. Those benefits you can get via platinum trading account are market review and analysis every day, proficient trading tips and strategies, VIP private account manager, real-time trading notification etc.

At last, these are the main and best online trading accounts available in 500pips. However, if you want to know more about pip, then you can go through the 500pips review.


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