Types Of Accounts That You Can Create On The 500pips Platform

Do you have any knowledge about the different types of accounts that are available on the 500pips platform? If not, then you have come to the right place because here we are going to discuss each account in brief. 500pips is a forex and cryptocurrency trading platform which is available for everyone. You can access this platform on the internet and start your trading journey now. Once you start investing your money on this platform, then you will soon become a wealthy person.

Basic account

The basic account is the account in which the minimum deposit is 250$, and when you sign up for this account, then you also get a 20% of welcome bonus on it. You will be glad to know that this account is most suitable for the people who have just started trading.

A person who doesn’t have any experience in the forex market can avail of this account on the 500pips platform. By opening this account, the trader will get 24 x 5 customer support service, daily market review, daily market analysis and many more things.

Bronze account

The second type of account is the bronze account. If you create this account on the 500pips platform, then you will have to deposit a minimum amount of 100 dollars. The impressive thing is that you will also get the welcome bonus for it, which ranges 40% of your deposit. in this account, the user will get so many rewards and some additional offers which are too bad to miss.

You will be provided with daily market reviews, notifications on financial assets prices and educational seminars. If you face any issues, then you can call customer service, and they are always there to answer your calls.

Silver account

When you read the 500pips review, then you will get to know about the silver account. For making this account, you need to deposit 2500 $, and the welcome bonus is also higher if we compare it to that offered by the bronze and basic accounts.

The best thing about the silver account is that the trader can easily obtain a lot of trading experience and skills, which will help him in attaining big profits. It includes all the service offered in bronze and basic account. In addition to it, you will also have access to the silver spreads.

Platinum account

For having a platinum account on the 500pips platform, you need to deposit 25000 dollars. The best thing is that you will get a 100% welcome bonus for it. According to the details mentioned in the 500pips review, the platinum account is the one in which the highest level of services is provided to clients.

It has many unique features, and you also get the VIP personal account manager for managing your account. If you want to get one to one personal advice, then this account is best suitable for you.

These were the different types of trading account available on the 500pips review. So, hurry up and decide which account you want to create.


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